Saturday, January 27, 2018

Wonder Woman Ideas

I mentioned feeling a little guilty that I hadn't had as many ideas about Wonder Woman as I did about Batman and Superman. However, this last week before math class I learned that it wasn't that I didn't have many ideas about her, I just hadn't considered them yet. There's still a major difference though. I can't tell on my own if all of them are good ideas or not. For example, it's difficult to tell from the image, but I think it might be cool and different if Wonder Woman's modern-day super-suit had sleeves. The big problem with that is that there's a kind of power in the perceived vulnerability her movie outfit shows in perspective with the strength of her actions say, on the battlefield. In a similar way, I tried a few different designs for a new Wonder Woman logo because the old one is so hard to draw. This new one (the W star) is fun, but doesn't get the same idea across.
It may be that I should just save all these ideas about superheroes and do something completely different with them. God's will be done.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Gravity Falls Drawings

And last but certainly not least, there's the Gravity Falls drawings. The first is just random doodles, most of which are done in the "Gravity Rises" fan alternate universe where the twin's personalities are switched. I especially like this idea because the twins would resemble me and my sister more, or at least in a different way. They're not amazing, but I liked them enough to share.
The second image is just the Pines Twins in a different art style. Their's was the first art style I really did correctly, so I like to draw them in other styles whenever I try out another style.

CompSci Magic Drawing

My first drawing waiting for this new semester of Computer Science. It's me shooting magic out of my hand. I've had this particular style of magic image in my head for a while, but this is the first time I've really done it right. Someday I'd like to write a magic system based on computer-like language. But for that I'll have to keep paying attention in class.

Because Superman Wants You To

I saved this Superman drawing for later because it's my favorite. Part of the reason I like Superman so much is that we can project all our warped cultural ideals of perfection and God onto him, but he would not necessarily always react with patience. I think it would be tiring to be just a normal guy who was idolized in such a way. Plus this drawing gave me the opportunity to caricature many stereotypical ways of drawing a superhero against a more classic cartoon depiction of the classic superhero.

DuckTales Arms

It turns out the arms in the new 2017 Ducktales Reboot is perfect as a bridge between my cartoony stick arms and real looking arms. It's simple, but even just that one one extra line between the wrist and thumb was eye-opening for me. Donald was especially helpful because of how expressive he is with his arms.

Batman Villain

I decided to write this at the top primarily because there are so many of basically this same picture. At some point I thought of an idea for an original Batman villain who could challenge his existentialism philosophy and not just his history or something like Hush (who my dad does not like) or the Court of Owls or Owlman or Wrath or however many "anti-Batman's" there have been. But for the longest time I didn't know what their gimmick or design should be like. So I drew inspiration from one of Batman's greatest villains, the Phantasm, and a lot of other important figures in the animated Batman's life.
However, I wanted this villain to be visually distinct from Batman and Joker, and I had the idea to use different shapes for the face, as you can see in the last image. Where Batman and Joker have square and triangle heads respectively, this figure would have a circle head. Where Batman and Joker have threatening triangle eyes and bulging circle eyes this figure would have dead rectangle eyes. So all these images are just experimenting with what this angel-statue inspired existential villain would be like. I'd probably call them Eidolon. The next-to last image is especially nice I think.

Joker Doodles

I wanted to make my version of Joker look creepy. Mission accomplished I think. This idea of Joker is meant to play on modern fears and ideas, so I took inspiration from some pop culture icons (which I won't mention here mostly because I think they're interesting but overrated). It took a lot of tries to get to this, but I'm really happy with how it looks.

Batman and Robin Doodles

Similarly for Superman, I wanted to do Batman very differently from how I've seen him. This design is based on a number of things. Particularly some "real-life Batman" suits I've come across on the internet. I wanted it to look like actual armor without being too bulky. In considering his eyes, I stole the design from the Disney version of Baymax in Big Hero 6. They brilliantly use the shape of his mask so that when he tilts his head down it looks like he's angry even though his eyes can't change shape that way. I also thought it looked like an inversion of the rounded mask of Adam West's 1966 Batman. Robin was based a little too much on the tv show Young Justice, but I did try to differentiate his symbol by making it more like Larry-Boy's belt symbol.

Superman Doodles

Superman is my favorite of DC's heroes. This is some of the concept art for the show I would do about him. I'm especially fond of the third image of Lois, the next to last picture of just Superman, and the final picture between Superman and Lex Luthor. I think that last picture really expresses my idea of what their relationship would be like. Superman and Lex's rivalry fascinates me. In the past I struggled pretty roughly between my religious morality and scientific individualism, and these two characters embody those ideas so well. Or at least they could if someone were to write them that way.

DC Unity

For the longest time I've been wanting to consider what I would do for DC animated television shows. I originally just wanted to do a Superman cartoon, but soon I wanted to do the same thing for all of them. And I decided that if I was ever going to do them, I would want them to be very different from the great cartoons that already exist. Eventually I started drawing concept art for them. Looking back it's clear I've done too many Batman and Superman drawings and not enough Wonder Woman drawings. I'll fix that next.
The top image is of a study I did for how the three main heroes would look compared to their secret identities. The second is a fun, semi-silhouette drawing I did to make sure they looked different enough (I really like how Wonder Woman's hair looks almost like her own cape). And the third is a doodle I did during class, experimenting with their logos to see what I could do with them. God's will be done for all my ideas, even the ones that seem far fetched.

Doom Patrol Doodles

These are drawings of "Negative Man" and the "Doom Patrol" from DC comics. These heroes hold a special place in my head just because they're so weird. Negative Man, like Rorschach, is somewhat easy to draw. Something I like about the photo of my drawing is that you can see the negative sign I put above the "sign chart" I drew for math class. It's appropriate.
For the second drawing I was originally just going to draw a cartoon mountain, but then I wanted to do something more with it.

"American Gods" Portraits

Something else I've read in college is Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods. I was actually introduced to it by seeing a clip of the tv show, and so I wanted to read the book before I saw any more. Obviously these drawings of the character Mr. Wednesday are based on his portrayal in the tv series. Surprisingly these drawings were also from memory. I guess the actors and writing are just so memorable that they're good to try to draw.
When she saw her birthday card, one of my Mom's comments was that she was happy I was branching out into more humanoid drawings. This was part of my practice for that.

More Class Doodles

More miscellaneous doodles from class. The first is directly inspired by the character "Bonejangles" and another skeleton from the Tim Burton film Corpse Bride, which I only just saw last year. Watching it was partially inspired by the fact that I took a class called "Western Concepts of Hell in Literature" last semester.
The other drawing was actually done in Western Concepts of Hell in Literature. I think my professor must have referenced the tortoise and the hare, so I decided to draw a fusion of the two animals and finally put this long-standing rivalry to rest. It turned out more adorable than I expected.

Spider-Man Doodles

These drawings are of Spider-Man, specifically the version shown in Spider-Man: Homecoming. They are also from memory and were done during class. I wanted to try out drawing Spider-Man's eyes with his new lenses.
But the last two drawings are of a concept I had for Doctor Octopus. I wanted to do the same thing for him that Spider-Man: Homecoming did for the Vulture. So I kind of made him an evil Captain America counterpart the same way Vulture is an evil Iron-Man counterpart. To that end, his suit is Hydra gear, and his metal arms are improved versions of Bucky Barnes' mechanical arm. I wanted to give them a different look from any other Dr. Octopus arms, and this fit perfectly. (During their first fight I imagine Spidey saying, "Okay one metal arm was cool. Four is just- it's just kind of tacky. Especially when you already have two!") They telescope out, and are connected to that big helmet sprouting out of the back of his head. The helmet not only makes his head look more like an octopus, it gives him more of an alien appearance. It also looks ridiculous, like his hair from the comics.
If I could do one thing differently, I would want it to be the mask. It still looks a little too like Vulture's. I don't know how I'd do it, but I'd want it to be more like a soldier or surgeon's mask. I wanted him to be scary, like the new Vulture, so I tried to make him look like something from a horror movie. I didn't quite get it, but the idea is there.

The Return

Alright, so I'm back. I haven't been doing much formal drawing because college has kept me pretty busy, and I haven't been posting anything recently for the same reason. But you can be certain I've at least been doodling this whole time. Most of it has been outside of class, but not always. But what really made me want to do this again was hearing from my friends and family that they would like to see more of it. So here it is!

Because most of these drawings are doodles or practices, not a lot of them will be original at all. I just wanted to practice something fun, not spend time thinking about originality. These drawings were kind of miscellaneous, which is why I'm posting them together. All three of these drawings were done from memory. The first two pictures were drawn just before and during class respectively. As you can probably tell the top one is a doodle of Wednesday Addams from the classic "Addams Family" comic strip. It is by no means exactly like the original drawings, but it's definitely recognizable. She was one of my first doodles I did waiting for Calculus to start. Originally I gave her a much more neutral expression, but I decided it just wasn't her.
The not-so charming character in the second picture is "Rorschach" from Alan Moore's graphic novel Watchmen. I actually read Watchmen here in college for the first time, and this was about the right age for that. Anyway Rorschach is the easiest character to draw, so I drew him a couples times and this was the one I wanted to share.
Finally, the third drawing is of Bob Parr, or "Mr. Incredible" from the greatest superhero movie of all time, PIXAR's The Incredibles. I re-watched it recently in response to the trailer for Incredibles 2. I've done better drawings of him with a physical reference, but I wanted to share this one. I'm still not good enough to duplicate the style they use.

God is good. He has protected me all throughout my college experience and even divinely intervened on my grades. It is because of Him I'm trying to get this done tonight. Praise Him. God's will be done.