Friday, May 19, 2017

Digital Drawing

Alright, recently my parents got me an amazing drawing tablet. I wanted one because it would make it easier to move my drawings to the computer without scanning them all individually. The tablet is great, but I didn't get much chance to use it until now. This image was done in Adobe Illustrator. I wasn't trying to do anything super original, I just wanted to practice doing something I already knew how to do with the drawing tablet. So I drew fan art of these two: the Pines Twins from Gravity Falls.

I already discussed how I drew Mabel (on the left) as an adult in "Ideal Election," and this is how I usually draw her and Dipper (on the right) as young adults. I know it's not an exactly perfect drawing, and I'm sure it would spark a lot of debate about how exactly they should be drawn, but this is how I draw them and I enjoy it. Anyway, that's the first digital drawing I've done. Unfortunately my free trial for Adobe Illustrator runs out in seven days and I can't afford it, but this gives me hope that I'll be able to use it well in the future. Thank you God for this.