Friday, September 2, 2016

Tachy's Time Pizza

It's done! My "Tachy's Time Pizza" animatic! It took longer than it should have. Now that school's set in I still feel productive even when I don't work on something like this. How horrible! I didn't think I was going to get it done tonight, but I did! I'm so happy it's finally up! God sure helped me pull through. I'm dedicating this animatic, as I try to dedicate all my good works, to You my God. Amen.

As it says in the credits, I did all the images, voices, and story myself. There are a total of 32 hand-drawn frames (including the credits) even though the characters stay in mostly the same positions. I got carried away and I actually made more slides than I needed for this animatic. It took me about 6 hours over four days. I tried to center the images more so they flowed together better and I think I succeeded. Oddly enough the video of the slides isn't as good a quality as the scans of those slides. Window's Media Player has some strange quirks. One of my only regrets with this animatic is that there's no moral, but I suppose it's only a minute and forty-three seconds long. My other regret is that I can't get the voices quite right with my microphone. This was even funner than the last one because it was all my own ideas. It's a good start I think.